Introductory Questions

1. Emily Xi. Communication Design + Marketing + HCI Minor. Junior! :)

2. Aside from this class being one of the prerequisites I need for my major, I'm also interested in UI/UX and would like to learn for myself how to design a user-friendly and visually aesthetic website and more.

3. I originally took Intro to Computer Science because it seemed like one of those classes that everyone at WashU took at some point and I also wanted to see what CS was like, and I ended up really enjoying CSE131 and decided to continue with a CS minor but did not vibe with 247 at all. Attended one Sam Fox Friday workshop that taught a little bit of CSS/HTML and really enjoyed it, so I've decided to switch over to a HCI minor which better combines my art and cs interests.

4. I am looking forward to learning more about how to design for a screen, and ultimately be able to design my own portfolio website.

5. To design for a screen, aspect ratio and considering the different types of devices people may be viewing the media on is very important. Websites and apps would need to be optimized for both phone, tablet, and laptop, which is a consideration nonexistent when designing for print media.

6. I love this website which has a beautifully dynamic and aesthetic horizontal scroll design. The smooth transitions between pages, text animations, and the harmony achieved using limited color palette, typography, and image makes visiting the website a very enjoyable experience.

7. I think this website shows effective visual communication. The smooth scroll-activated data is a super fun and helpful visual to complement the informative text on the left.

8. I think Medium is a website that works well, as it has a very clean and simple design, but uses the grid system dynamically. The contrast between typeface size, font, and use of color help easily guide the viewer's eyes to information and other areas of focus.